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Do you see more ShootingStars or SuperStars?

What does the program involve?

The shooting stars program asks whether you tend to see high performers drop off after a short time – whether the structures and processes you’re utilizing are limiting, or empowering. The aim is to review existing and intelligently design new processes that will transform your business into a breeding ground for innovation, collaboration, and high performance.

The program begins by analyzing the situation, speaking with your team and seeking their input, followed by a report and recommendation. We may suggest completing the re-hiring program in tandem, if we believe there are issues with the team’s competency or attitude. Next, monthly coaching with leaders begins; in order to open any closed team dynamics and make way for change. During this time, work is done on reviewing the organisation’s purpose, values, and ambitions… a key step in providing direction without being limiting.

New processes are designed based on the refreshed purpose, and assigned internal representatives who are accountable for seeing the process implemented, and providing feedback for its refinement. Data is collected on how the updated processes affect the business, and the processes are refined, resources created; tools, templates, applications…

Program outcomes

After completion, you should notice the following:

  • Improved team energy levels & engagement
  • Ubiquitous goodwill
  • Increased efficiency & reduced errors, leading to higher capacity & profitability
  • Greater adaptability & business agility
Tools to look forward to using along the way

We use a mix of both proprietary and supplied tools to make sure we get you consistently great results.

  • Bright Motivator Cards
  • DISC psychometrics, eIQ, GIA reports
  • TribeHR; Goals & Appraisal cycles
  • Basecamp© project management

Interested? Keen to know more?

Request an appointment; we love answering questions ;)
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