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Would you enthusiastically re-hire your team today?

What does the program involve?

The re-hire your team program begins with the assumption that you, for whatever reason, have people in your company who are not meeting expectations. The aim of the program is to bring everyone to the level where you’d enthusiastically re-employ them if presented with the choice. You receive monthly reports of activity and can compare progress against significant milestones.

The program begins with an analysis of the situation, followed by a recommendation on where coaching investment should be focused. Next, communication processes are introduced to allow change to occur without undermining trust. Any dead wood is revitalized or replaced. Top performers are then modeled and their strategies incorporated into coaching for the others. Coaching is done to bring expectations, mindsets, and skills up to scratch.

Program outcomes

After completion, you should notice the following:

  • Greater awareness of your team’s potential… and the willingness to use it
  • Way less anxiety over delegation (middle managers included)
  • Increased profitability, more repeat business, decreased staff turnover
  • Focused workforce, team atmosphere, less politics, more peer learning & support
  • Better business…….
Tools to look forward to using along the way

We use a mix of both proprietary and supplied tools to make sure we get you consistently great results.

  • Bright Motivator Cards
  • DISC psychometrics, eIQ, GIA reports
  • TribeHR; Goals & Appraisal cycles
  • Basecamp© project management

Interested? Keen to know more?

Request an appointment; we love answering questions ;)
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